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"I look forward to putting my skills to work for you, and taking the next step to home ownership of your Truly Great Home."
Troy G Hoidal
License #01904812

Troy G Hoidal

Founder of Truly Great Homes

A graduate of UCSB, I am an avid surfer, triathlete and outdoor enthusiast. I am delighted to showcase the lifestyle of Santa Barbara and provide an exceptional real estate experience for you. Our Santa Barbara, the American Rivera, is a real estate Mecca unmatched along the US coastline. From the world famous Rincon, to the virgin rolling hills of the Gaviota Coast, our Gold Coast earned its’ name for its famous residents, world class amenities and healthy lifestyle. These same traits stand tall today in our glorious city. I am ready to search our town from the ocean to the hills to find that special residence that is your Truly Great Home!

I have a deep passion for Santa Barbara, our American Rivera. The unique geographic setting we have at the top of Southern California, nestled against the Santa Ynez Mountains and faced south, toward Mexico, allows our residents to experience life like few places on the planet. We are the fortunate few.

In a world of mass everything, it is wonderful to be able to focus on helping people achieve their dreams of owning a residence in Santa Barbara. In 1996, my wife and I had the foresight to purchase nearly three acres on a hillside in Montecito looking out over our amazing town and Channel Islands. Besides my marriage, my kids and a couple unnamed events, buying real estate in Santa Barbara is one of the smartest things I have done. I am hopeful that you will share similar experiences with your real estate investments.

Our Clients are first, always.

Holly M Moressette

Agent of Truly Great Homes

Growing up by the sea in a quintessential New England town gave me a deep appreciation for beautiful homes and places at an early age. Upon moving to California ten years ago, I was entranced by the landscape, lifestyle, and architecture. How lucky are we to call this place home!

The decision to raise my family in Santa Barbara was easy. Cradled between mountains on one side and islands on the other, it’s not hard to feel at peace in her beauty. Above that, the rich history is alive and apparent in the way that our community comes together throughout the year to celebrate. Whether it’s Solstice for the onset of summer, Fiesta for an annual party in the streets, or the holidays when State street is lit up with spirit…the people make this place home.

As for residential real estate, it’s in my blood. My mother has been an incredibly successful real estate agent for over 30 years in a wonderful coastal town north of Boston. Through osmosis I’ve absorbed how her code of ethics, diligent follow-up, and utmost respect for her client’s needs have served her well over all these years. I have taken those traits and capitalized on them while combining my background in sales and operations to be able to help others in their journey in or out of a home while effectively communicating every step of the way.

I have heard many say that they feel intimidated when it comes to real estate in Santa Barbara. It is my personal mission to make the process one that feels attainable, smooth, and ultimately satisfying. I believe a home is far more than a handful of bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s your oasis. I would be honored to assist you in finding yours, no matter how big or small.

Morgan M Walsh

Agent, Designer & Webmaster of Truly Great Homes

Living on the Central Coast my entire life has been a blessing. The Santa Ynez Valley & Santa Barbara locations offer peaceful surroundings, always amazing California weather & landmark outings to enjoy with the family & dogs.

The Santa Ynez Valley has been my hometown, born & raised here, and know it like a local should. The place others come to vacation is where I’m lucky enough to call home. Its my great honor to create, develop and be apart of the Real Estate industry in this area.

I’ve always found beauty in the landscapes, hills & sunsets mesmerizing, at an early age I began painting and drawing because of it. While I was classically taught in Fine Arts, I also wanted to learn the technological side of art & design. Going back to school for Digital Design & Multimedia, I found amazing rewards in developing websites, coding custom styles and creating in the digital realm.

Presenting TrulyGreatHomes.com is more than just a website to view pictures, it’s the opportunity for people to find their Truly Great Home. The great reward of helping clients find that missing piece of their puzzle, finding that perfect place and neighborhood they dream of their entire life. With all the pressures that come in Real Estate our clients can breath and enjoy this teams dedication, commitment and honesty.